Premium Menu

DAY 1             


Sea bream fillet papiyot with vegetables

Freshly greens leaves with mozzarella bocochini, crouton, cuucamber and basil vinaigrette.

Fava from Santorini with caramelized onions, sesame , olives and sun dried tomatoes.

Yogurt mousse with levanda with honey on top of crispy pasteli with dried nuts.


DAY 2             

Black Angus tagliatta on top of the marinated zucchini sautéed , potato cream and balsamic cream.

Mini Cretan rusks with tomato , caper, olives and feta cheese

Grilled manouri cheese with notes of homemade mayonnaise with dill.

Freshly made chocolate  cream with espresso and mint.


DAY 3            


Grilled Grouper fish with grilled vegetables and baby potatoes, mayonnaise and olive with lemon sauce.

Beetroot with yogurt , walnuts and grapes.

Grilled plevrotus mushrooms with oximelo.

Mascarpone cream with cooked pineapple and spices.


DAY 4           


Lamp Slow cooked for 5 hours with potatoes and rosemary.

Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, onions and feta cheese

Salty yogurt mousse with mint and vegetables.

Lemongrass icecream with cinnamon biscuit.


DAY 5           


Seafood spaghetti with fresh squid, octopus, shrimps and tomato.

Mixed salad with cucumber julienne , black sesame and lemon sauce.

Bruschetta with white preserved fish roe.

White chocolate Semifreddo with dried fruits.


DAY 6           


Sautéed Beef filet with butter tagliatele, vegetables and parmesan.

Wild rocket salad with tomato, Greek gruyere cheese  flakes and basil pesto.

Fried eggplants with yogurt sauce

Panacota with honey and thyme


DAY 7           


Sautted Mullet filet on top of the zucchini , potatoes, and lemon sauce.

Fried Baby squid with tartar sauce

Steamed Almirikia with olive oil lemon sauce.

Cheesecake with peach marmelade .


DAY 8           


Lobster with small Greek pasta with tomato sauce and vegetables.

Stamnagathi salad with ruscks and olive oil with lemon sauce.

Steamed clums with white wine and herbs.

Sweet dough with caramel and vanilla cream.


DAY 9              


Grilled shrimps on top of rice with herbs.

Trilogy with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spring onions, baby spinach and orange vinaigrette.

Tuna tartare

Creme brulle with rasberries.


DAY 10           

Lamp ribs, burgers, souvlaki with beef on the grill with pita dough.

Tzatziki – Greek  yogurt with garlic and cucumber

Greek salad with tomatoes, cucumber, olives, peppers, onions and feta cheese

French fries

Lemon mousse


DAY 11           


Sea bream fish with vegetable spaghetti , sweet potato cream and herbs.

Tortilla nest with green salad , cherry tomatoes, dried figs and honey vinaigrette.

Smoked trout with asparagus and balsamic glaze.

Kataifi with poached pears in red wine with spices and vanilla ice cream.


DAY 12           


Milokopi fish a la spetsiota.

Steamed mussels with tomato, black garlic   and parsley.

Grilled vegetable with tomato confi and basil oil.

Roasted apple in the oven with raisins and cinnamon and mastiha ice cream.


DAY 13           


Rib eye steak on the grill with mushrooms , jacket potato and cream cheese with chives

Ceasar’s salad with griiled chicken and gruyere flakes

Beef Tartare with egg at 64˚C

Profiterol with vanilla cream and chocolate sauce.


DAY 14           


Sauteed black cod fillet on top of potato slices, vegetables and lime sauce.

Seabass ceviche with herbs

White preserved fish roe mousse on a toasted bread

White chocolate cream with earl grey tea and butter biscuit.


Menu Cost included breakfast   50€ – 60€/ person

+ 5,00€ Variety of Greek Cheeses  / person